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During the last decade, the sixth grade students of the Orono, Maine Middle School have built models of historic aircraft and spacecraft under the direction of their teacher, Mr. Richard Glueck. The students use the activities to sharpen their skills in math and science.

The 1900 Wright kite replica that you see below was built in 2000 and donated to NASA after its maiden flight. It has been reconstructed at NASA Glenn Research Center by a highly skilled team of workers and is now used as a traveling exhibit at airshows, kite festivals, and at local elementary schools. The replica will eventually be placed on permanent display at the NASA Glenn Research Center's Visitor Center.

In 2002, the sixth grade students at Orono were involved in two efforts. During the winter, they built flying scale models of the Wright's 1902 glider. You can learn more about this effort on the activity page. During the spring, they built a half scale model of the Wright's 1902 glider. The glider was delivered to NASA Glenn in the summer of 2002. It is now displayed at the Visitor's Center in support of the Learning to Fly lecture series.

In the fall of 2002 and early 2003, the students at Orono designed and built a powered, small scale model of the 1903 Flyer. The model was delivered to the International Space Station where it was used by the Expedition 7 crew on several educational broadcasts. The photo below shows the crew of Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu testing the model.

Photos from the current activities are referenced below.


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animated kite Original Orono Aircraft

animated kite Reconstruction of 1900 Kite

animated kite Flying the 1900 Kite

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animated kite Delivering 1902 Aircraft

animated kite 1902 Aircraft Rehab

animated kite 1903 Model Construction

Dick Glueck's class flying kite

Picture taken at Orono

Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu flight testing the Orono 1903 Wright Model

Screen Shot from International Space Station by NASA

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