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The Wright Brothers made their first powered flights at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17,1903. This was the fourth annual trip to Kitty Hawk during the invention process. Today, at the site of the first flight, there is a monument to their accomplishments, a replica of the hangars in which they kept their aircraft, and a track along the ground noting the distance of the four flights of that day. We are including some recent photos from Kitty Hawk which can be compared and contrasted to the flight photos taken by the brothers.

Over the years, grasses have grown on Kill Devil Hill. At nearby Jockey Ridge there is a large sand dune which more closely approximates the conditions for the brothers in the early 1900's. People still fly gliders from the ridge. We are including some photos of Debbie Galloway's flights on a 1901 replica by Nick Engler. Debbie is NASA's representative on the Congressional Centennial of Flight Commission.

Photos from the current activities are referenced below.


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In the door of the hangar

Picture taken at Kitty Hawk by Mary Ann Benson

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